Special Needs Activities

Modern music technology can be used in ingenious ways to help any individual to be creative, regardless of whatever obstacles they may face.


Recent projects have included:


  • Delivering Agored Cymru accredited units in recording and music to SEN youngsters in a special school.


  • Providing after-school club music and sound activities for SEN youngsters.


  • Radio drama production with visually impaired youngsters – recording and producing a serialised radio soap opera, complete with music and sound design.


  • Enabling a deaf girl with cochlear implants and limited language to sing and make music recordings.


  • Enabling a young disabled girl with very limited movement to trigger a range of imaginative sound effects and music from her laptop and keyboard – excellent for story-telling accompaniment, musical expression, percussion.


  • Music and sound fun-day activities for Downs Syndrome groups – playing with sound effects, recording and manipulating voices, making music, triggering drum sounds.


Every child’s needs are different, and activities are tailored to the individual. The goal is always participant-led creative engagement.

Examples of previous recording workshops below...